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Provocholine, Methacholine Chloride Powder for Inhalation
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Provocholine® (methacholine chloride)

The Provocholine® Challenge provides for a sensitive and generally accurate diagnosis of bronchial hyperreactivity as well as the severity of asthma.  The Provocholine® Challenge can also be used to confirm occupational asthma.

Sensitive assay

The Provocholine® (methacholine chloride) Challenge is sensitive, generally accurate, and has a low incidence of false-negative or false-positive results. When a sodium chloride solution containing Provocholine® is inhaled, subjects with asthma are markedly more sensitive to methacholine-induced bronchoconstriction than are healthy subjects. A positive response provides a generally accurate diagnosis of bronchial airway hyperreactivity.


Provocholine® is standardized for reliability, with pre-measured quantity and consistent quality, eliminating the need to weigh out bulk methacholine, a highly hygroscopic agent.


The consistent quantity and quality of Provocholine® enhances the reproducibility of results. Uniformity in administration, and therefore in results, is assured when Provocholine® is used with a metered delivery system such as a dosimeter or nebulizer, set at the recommended rate of 0.6 seconds per inhalation.

Rapid results

The Provocholine® challenge provides rapid results, with FEV1 measurements within five minutes after each challenge concentration.

Rapid recovery

Most patients return naturally and completely to baseline pulmonary function after 30 to 45 minutes or within five minutes after administration of an inhaled beta agonist. At the discretion of the physician, a bronchodilator may be given immediately after the final pulmonary test.

To view the American Thoracic Society Guidelines for Methacholine and Exercise Challenge Testing - 1999, please go to

WARNING: Provocholine® (methacholine chloride) is a bronchoconstrictor agent for diagnostic purposes only, and should not be used as a therapeutic agent.  Provocholine® inhalation challenge should be performed only under the supervision of a physician trained in and thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the technique of methacholine challenge, all contraindications, warnings and precautions, and the management of respiratory distress. Please consult the product package insert for more details.
Provocholine, Methacholine Chloride Powder for Inhalation